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Deputy Chief of Staff, For Personnel (DCSPER)

Human Resources Office


MISSION:  The Human Resources Office is committed to providing timely quality personnel service, resources, and guidance to our customers to foster growth contributing to the mission success of the Virgin Islands National Guard.

MISSION:  To perform personnel and administrative functions in support of the Active Guard Reserve Program for the Virgin Islands National Guard.  Professionalism and Customer service is our number one priority.

Recruiting & Placement/Compensation
MISSION:  To provide for a comprehensive human resource program, including recruitment of qualified applicants into a diverse workforce; employment and orientation services; processes for employees; policy development and administration.

MISSION:  To establish and maintain a viable classification and position management program that is responsive to management, supervisor, and employee needs consistent with statutory and regulatory requirements.


Employee Relations

Technician Benefits Program
MISSION:  To acquire, manage, and distribute federal employee benefit resources to the Virgin Islands National Guard Technicians; Administer guidance and programs in the areas of employee relations within the organization.

MISSION:   To provide advice and guidance on all training requirements to management, serve as the quota management officer for all full time technician and AGR personnel.

Labor Relations
MISSION:   To create and maintain a positive and productive working environment for all employees in the Virgin Islands National Guard (VING).  To provide guidance and information to employees and supervisors regarding employee relations matters including performance management, progressive discipline, grievance and dispute resolution procedures, and leave issues. To advise all employees in a fair and unbiased manner and treat all individuals who seek our assistance with respect and dignity.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
MISSION:   To support the Virgin Islands National Guard’s goals with emphasis on equal employment opportunities for all. To monitor compliance with National Guard Bureau, local and federal regulations, February 24, 2012isability, national origin, race, religion, marital status, veteran status, sex (including sexual harassment), or political affiliation. To respond to all internal complaints alleging discrimination.

Management Analyst
MISSION: The mission of the February 24, 2012 required to ensure the success of HRO operations consistent with applicable laws, regulations and directives.   

Human Resources Information Systems
MISSION:   To administer and manage a territory-wide Customer Support and Requirements Program for the Virgin Islands National Guard’s Human Resources Information Systems to support personnel management, servicing and payroll interface on behalf of the Full Time Air and Army Military Technician and AGR workforce.

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