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Q: Do I need to hold the MOS/AFSC specified on the vacancy announcement under "Military Assignment" to qualify?

A: NO. The MOS(s)/AFSC(s) listed on the vacancy announcement under "Military Assignment" are the compatible MOS(s)/AFSC(s) for this position. These compatible MOS(s)/AFSC(s) are listed as information for potential applicants and the selecting official. An applicant does not need to hold a compatible MOS/AFSC in order to apply or to be selected. The individual selected for the vacancy will need to have the compatible MOS/AFSC as their Duty MOS/AFSC when they are placed into the Technician position. The selecting official is responsible to ensure that the selectee is "compatible" and that the DMAIL Form 63 reflects this when it is forwarded to the HRO.

Q: Do I need to remember the Vacancy Announcement Number after I have sent my application/resume to the HRO?

A: YES. Applications/resumes that do not specify the Vacancy Announcement Number will be returned without being considered. The HRO advertises many Technician vacancies. Technician positions with the same title and grade may be advertised several times within a short period of time. When an applicant contacts the HRO with a question pertaining to a vacancy, the only way it can be determined which vacancy is the proper one is by the Vacancy Announcement Number. Technician Vacancy Announcement Numbers begin with 2-digits representing the calendar year when the position is advertised (i.e., 99-003 or 99-274).

Q: Do I need to keep a copy of my application/resume?

A: Yes. The HRO will make a copy of an application/resume, provided that a written request for the copy is submitted. The request must be mailed or hand delivered to the HRO. A FAX or E-MAIL request will NOT be accepted. These requests are not high priority, and so it may be a while before the copy is forwarded. Applications/resumes for individuals not selected are maintained in the Merit Placement File for the Technician vacancy applied for. These Merit Placement Files are maintained for a period of 2 years after the vacancy has closed, and are then destroyed. The request must contain the Vacancy Announcement Number, or specify that the request is for a copy of the application/resume for the position a current Illinois National Guard Technician is occupying. The request must also contain the address to which the copy is to be mailed, and must be signed by the applicant.

Q: Do I have to account for all time periods and explain all my experience for the last 10 years?

A: No. When the requirement that an applicant only use the SF 171 to apply for Federal Civilian positions was removed by the Office of Personnel Management, the requirement to account for all periods of time over the last 10 years also disappeared. Applicants can now list and concentrate on periods of time when they acquired experience relevant to the position for which application is being made.

Q: Since a resume is acceptable to apply for Technician vacancies, can I just list my job title or a couple "bullet statements" to explain my experience?

A: No. As specified on each Technician Vacancy Announcement, the application/resume must sufficiently show the experience requirements specified on the announcement have been met, and simply listing a job title or a coupFebruary 24, 2012on the application/resume is what the qualification analysis is based on. The HRO does not research an individual’s Official Personnel File, Job Standards, or Position Description to see what experience they have acquired when only a job title or "bullet statements" are listed on their application/resume.

October 11, 2011iated with jobs I have held in my explanation of my experience will everybody know what they represent?

A: No. The HRO is responsible for every Technician position for the Army and Air National Guard. It is impossible to know what every acronym and abbreviation associated with every position used by the Army and/or Air National Guard represents. To ensure that proper credit is allowed for qualifying experience, if an acronym or abbreviation is used, an explanation of that acronym or abbreviation should be included.

Q: Since I hold an MOS/AFSC specified on the Technician Vacancy Announcement as a compatible military assignment, will I automatically be considered as qualified?

A: No. Even though an MOS/AFSC is listed on the vacancy announcement under Military Assignment, it does not always mean that experience gained while assigned to that MOS/AFSC is qualifying. A detailed explanation of the experience should be listed so that proper credit can be given for any of the experience that is determined to be qualifying.

Q: If I leave something out of my application/resume will the HRO let me know so that it can be included?

A: No. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their application/resume is, in accordance with the information provided on the vacancy announcement, complete. The only item initially checked when an application/resume is received in the HRO is the Announcement Number. If the Announcement Number is missing, the application/resume is returned to the applicant with an explanation that the application/resume can be returned with the Announcement Number included, provided that it is received in the HRO prior to the closing date specified on the vacancy announcement. The qualification analysis of the experience and/or education is performed on all the applications/resumes that are received in a timely manner after the closing date for that particular vacancy announcement.

Q: Do I need to contact HRO after a vacancy announcement that I applied for has closed to find out if I qualified, the status of the referral, if I was selected?

A: No. If an individual does not meet the minimum qualifications for the position to which they made application, a letter is sent to the applicant, from the HRO, specifying what was lacking on their application/resume. The applications/resumes of those individuals found to meet the minimum qualifications are sent, provided the number of individuals does not exceed the maximum number that can be referred, in a referral to the selecting official. In the event there are more individuals qualified than can be referred, the following process takes place:

1. Those individuals found qualified at the lowest grade level advertised (when applicable) are withheld from the referral;

2. If the number of qualified individuals still exceeds the number allowed to be referred, those individuals found qualified at the next higher grade level advertised (when applicable) are withheld from the referral;

3. If the number of qualified individuals still exceeds the number allowed to be referred, a subject matter expert, that is not involved in the selection process for this particular vacancy, is brought in to look at the Knowledge, Skills, and Ability (KSA) sheet that was submitted by the fully qualified individuals. If any fully qualified individuals did not submit a KSA sheet, as specified on the vacancy announcement, they are withheld from the referral. The subject matter expert assigns a score for each KSA and these scores are then totaled and compared with the scores of the other individuals. The individuals with the lowest scores are withheld from the referral.

The applications/resumes withheld from referral under this procedure are held by the HRO until a selection is made or applicant(s) withdraw from consideration which would allow for additional referral, provided the maximum number is not exceeded.

The selecting official has a period of 30 days to select, or not select, from the referred applicants. This 30 day period may, in some circumstances, be extended. The selecting official is responsible for notifying, in writing, any applicants that were referred to them that are non-selected. The HRO will notify, in writing, any non-referred applicants.

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